Grumpy? No. Terrified? Yes.

Well.  No one saw that coming did they?

I knew it would be close but I thought she’d win.  She DID win, if you look at the popular vote.  Of course that doesn’t count.

American politics is weird.  And now they are stuck with this horrible person for four god damn years.  I’m honestly afraid for what is to come, especially on LGBT issues.

I’m also wondering what he’s actually going to put in practice as opposed to what he said on the campaign trail.  If he doesn’t follow through on his promises, that’s going to piss off the people who elected him.  If he DOES follow thorough then that’s going to cause huge problems for so many others.

All those far right groups are celebrating his win and that frightens me. I’m not American and I don’t live there, but I have many American friends who are terrified at Trump being elected, and rightly so.  The right are dismissing the protests over his election.  You can be damn sure if he’d lost, he’d the be first one saying “it was all rigged”.  Well if that’s true, then it was rigged in his favour!

I can only hope he moderates his behaviour, language and actions and becomes a unifying force for everyone.  Sadly I can’t see that happening.

So today, I’m less a grumpy fag, more a sad and frightened one.


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Why Grumpy Fag?

Many years ago, I was having far too much wine with one of my favourite and closest mates.  He put the telly on and asked if I’d ever seen the show that was about to start on the BBC.  Having said ‘no’, he said, well you’ll love this then.  It’s totally me, and I think you’ll get it as well.

That show was Grumpy Old Men.  From the very beginning I was “oh my god, I totally agree with what he’s saying!”.  My mate looked at me and said “I knew you’d love it”.  I was hooked.  We howled with laughter for the 30 mins it was on and exchanged knowing looks about the various opinions and nodded, and sometimes screamed in agreement with the grumpy men on the box.

It’s a shame it’s not on any more as I loved it.  I do love a bit of a moan, I will admit.  I’d also be willing to take part in the show. Comedy Central later ran a similar show called ‘Grouchy Young Men’ – same idea but with the famous younger men of the time.  There’s never been one for people like me – the middle aged gay man.  So I created this blog.

Yes, ‘fag’ has negative connotations in relation to being a gay man.  I also know a fag is bunch of wood, a type of meatball and a term used in British private schools where the junior boys would ‘fag‘ (i.e. be personal servants) for the more senior ones.  I also used to be called fag as a younger kid in school which I hated.  So I’m claiming it back for this.  Besides, Grumpy Middle Aged Gay Man doesn’t have quite the same ring now does it?


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